Aqua-Vu Technology


Versatile, modular and incredibly user-friendly, the Aqua-Vu XD Camera housing offers underwater viewers a powerful array of fish-finding options.

Internally weighted and equipped with a cable positioning fin/slot, the camera can face four different angles based on cable placement. The camera can be angled to face 45-degrees upward, sideways (horizontal), 45-degrees downward or completely vertical (down-view). The XD Camera housing also features a powerful array of adjustable infrared (IR) lights for low light viewing enhancement.

Engineered with the Aqua-Vu Quick-Attachment™ System, the patented XD Camera housing accepts a multitude of accessories. Each XD accessory slides on and off a ventral slide-rail in seconds.

XD Trolling Fin

The reversible viewing fin stabilizes the optics while moving from 1 to 5 mph and allows the user to view in forward or reverse positions. To see what’s ahead of the boat, use the forward-view position. To look backward or to use the Live Strike System, employ the reverse-view position.

Live Strike System

The exclusive Live Strike System lets anglers attach their fishing line and lure to the camera for a thrilling, real-time view of fish strikes. When a fish strikes, the included quick-release mechanism releases the line, allowing the angler to fight the fish to the boat.

XD Pole Cam Adaptor

Attach your Aqua-Vu camera to any threaded pole and probe beneath boat docks, under matted vegetation or into the thickest brushpiles and see what’s living there. It’s also perfect for observing bass and other species on spawning beds. Compatible with any male-threaded pole, including telescopic painter poles or push-poles.

XD Light Kit

To illuminate the viewing area at night or in dark or dirty water, the XD Light Kit utilizes a powerful LED light array.

XD Auxiliary Trolling Weight

Although the XD Camera housing is internally weighted to maintain depth in many situations, one or more Trolling Weights can be instantly snapped onto the Quick-Attachment slide-rail for use in deeper water or for moving at higher speeds.


Extensive engineering and underwater research come together to give you the clearest, most colorful and dynamic video imagery attainable. Aqua-Vu Underwater Viewing Systems employ special light sensitive lenses that enhance underwater visibility, actually yielding greater viewing distance and a clearer image than a scuba diver sees with the naked eye.

1080p Resolution

High-grade, extensively tested and engineered HD optics deliver an immersive underwater viewing experience. High-definition Aqua-Vu cameras also employ specialized light-sensitive image sensors. The advanced sensors are super-efficient at gathering limited light and preserving a rich, vibrant color image, even while other cameras fade to black-and-white in dark or dirty water.

AutoClear™ Technology

Aqua-Vu HDi Series cameras employ specialized firmware that automatically filters light and adjusts to varying underwater conditions, including stained water. What you see on the display is a super-clean and clarified video image, with unnatural colors and suspended particulates filtered out.

OptiRX Lens

High grade, lab-quality lens focuses and sharpens the underwater image, delivering a dynamic, crystal clear video of fish and the world below the surface.

High-definition (HD) 1080p video resolution, AutoClear Technology and OptiRX Lenses come standard with all Aqua-Vu HDi Gen2 cameras (HD7i, HD7i Pro, HD10i, HD10i Pro).


Because seeing any LCD screen in the direct sun isn’t easy, Aqua-Vu builds all underwater viewing system monitors with the brightest backlighting and highest screen resolution possible.

Like manufacturers of sonar and LCD monitors, Aqua-Vu measures screen brightness in "nits," a measurement of the amount of light the screen sends to your eyes. The LCD on the Aqua-Vu HD7i Pro, for example, projects a bright, colorful image at 2200 Nits. By comparison, a laptop computer projects 250 to 300 Nits; many sonar units operate at about 1200 Nits.

Sun-Viewable LCDs

As light fades with depth, the underwater world can appear monochromatic and relatively "washed out." Further, the lack of contrast between water and the bottom can make seeing a clear underwater image increasingly difficult. Aqua-Vu uses the brightest, sharpest LCDs available to assure you’ll continue to see what’s happening below, no matter the conditions.


Because no one likes tangled fishing line or fouled, twisted underwater camera cables, Aqua-Vu has engineered ingenious cable management solutions so you can deploy, view and stow, faster and easier than ever.

The first to offer a smartphone sized underwater viewing system, Aqua-Vu makes subsurface discovery simpler than casting a lure. The Micro Revolution® series features a patented Camera Reel system that operates similar to a super-smooth fly-fishing reel, paying out and retrieving camera cable as quickly as you can wind. It’s as simple as "reel and reveal!"

TurnTable Cable Carousel

To instantly pay out and retrieve cable on full-size underwater camera systems, Aqua-Vu engineered the TurnTable Cable Carousel, a swiveling accessory that attaches to the underside of all Aqua-Vu HDi systems. Set the unit on any flat surface—boat floor or deck or ice surface—and rotate the entire Aqua-Vu system to release or retrieve camera cable—quickly and easily.