XD™ Pole Adaptor



XD™ Pole Adaptor The ultimate way to probe and silently peek below boat docks, brush piles or other cover, the XD Pole Cam Adapter connects an XD Camera to the end of the Aqua-Vu Telescopic Viewing Pole or any telescopic painters pole. Inspired by bass and crappie tournament anglers, pole cam viewing helps anglers find big fish living in heavy cover, which can’t be identified by sonar alone. Included Essentials / Specifications: • Compatible to the XD Camera Housing with Quick Attachment™ accessory system • Fits HD700i, HD7i, HD7i Pro, HD10i, HD10i Pro **Camera & Pole Sold Separately**


Compatible with the following XD™ Cameras: HD7i, HD7i Pro, HD10i, HD10i Pro, HD700i, AV760CZi, AV760Ci **Camera Sold Separately**