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**MAY NOT BE LEGAL FOR USE WHILE TAKING GAME FISH; PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCAL/STATE REGULATIONS Savvy anglers who fish after dark have long recognized the importance of small-area light sources, and the positive impact they can have on catch rates.** The powerful yet portable submersible Aqua-Vu Bio-Lume™ cascades a fish-attracting array of compelling green lights for a full 360-degrees of underwater coverage. Perfect for many applications, such as boat docks, piers or even your boat or for ice fishing. The Bio-Lume™ first attracts swarms of plankton, baitfish and in turn, the bigger gamefish. Jump-start the food chain – Catch more fish!
  • Attract minnows, gamefish, prawns, squid and other aquatic animals to your favorite fishing spot.
  • Portable and perfect for docks, piers, jetties, boats and ice fishing.
  • High Intensity Submersible Green LEDs penetrate over 200 feet for maximum fish attraction.
  • Works in Freshwater and Saltwater

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