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The Most Convenient and Versatile Underwater Camera Ever!

The new AV Micro is a complete underwater camera system that is the same size as a smart phone! This means you can take it anywhere and do a lot of different things with it. It works great for ice fishing, on the boat, or off the dock. It can also be used for a variety of above underwater uses like looking into tight spaces, or even as a back-up camera in your vehicle!

The Aqua-Vu Micro has a full color camera with 50-feet of 22lb test cable attached. The camera is about the size of a quarter. You can rig the camera to look straight up and down or sideways when its underwater. It features a built in light sensor that automatically turns two invisible infrared lights on and off depending on light conditions.

Compared to traditional underwater cameras, this camera is much smaller and stealthier underwater. The handheld monitor has a 3 1/2" diagonal display that's housed in a water resistant case. On the back of the monitor case is a cable spool that neatly stores the camera cable. The monitor has a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery that powers the camera and display for up six hours.
  • 3.5” LCD Screen
  • Color Camera
  • IR lights – auto light sensing
  • 50’ Cable
  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Fits Easily in Pocket
Q: How strong is the cable? A: 22lb Test
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Product Reviews

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Love it! Took it ice fishing yesterday and had a blast watching the fish. The screen is not viewable in direct sunlight but works great in the shanty. The Picture in the add is very representative. Love the size. Great product.

Randy Richardson

Traverse City, Mi.


Good Camera

Works great, improvement idea would be to have the cable marked in increments of a foot with different colored markings every five feet. That way if you are marking fish at a specific depth you know exactly how far to drop the camera.

Philip S.

Eden Prairie, MN



I practice "Ice Trolling". I'm constantly on the move and this unit is perfect for that. A 10th the size and a fraction of the weight of my old camera. So now I can carry my flasher AND camera from hole to hole with no problem. It'll be great to take up on our annual fly-in fishing trips to Canada also, as it won't cut too much into our weight restrictions. Can't wait!

Bud Konczal

Dearborn, MI


Great Portable Camera!

Love it! Perfect for off the dock at my lake.

John S.

Minnetonka, MN