AV Micro Plus with DVR

Experience the underwater depths with the Upgraded One Million Pixel Camera for even greater clarity & detail.


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A Complete Underwater Camera System The Same Size As A Smart Phone Now With A Built-In DVR & One Million Pixel Camera!

The new Aqua-Vu Micro Plus with built in DVR is a complete underwater camera system that is the same size as a smart phone! It works great for ice fishing, on the boat, or off the dock and can also be used for a variety of above water uses like looking into tight spaces.

The Aqua-Vu Micro Plus with DVR has all the same features as the plus system but also includes a built-in DVR with a 8 gigabyte internal memory to capture all the great action. The captured video can be reviewed and shared with others to further enhance your viewing experience.

Complete with 50-feet of 22lb test cable, quarter size camera head, features two invisible infrared lights with an on/off button for various light conditions, 3 1/2" diagonal display with IP67 water proof case and lithium ion rechargeable batteries this is the premiere handheld portable viewing unit!
  • 3.5” LCD Screen with 30% brighter screen than standard AV Micro
  • Color Camera with 30% more lines of resolution than standard AV Micro
  • IP67 Rated Case Water Proof
  • Sunshield Screen Protector
  • 3 x Digital Zoom
  • DVR w/8 gb internal SD card
  • USB Port for Convenient Charging & Video out
  • IR Lighting system with on/off
  • 50’ Cable
  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery up to 7 hours of run time
  • Fits easily in Pocket
Q: How much video does the 8GB memory card hold ?
A: Approximately 360 minutes
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Love this camera!

I've even used it to check out a swallow bird nest on my house, after fostering a baby which had fallen out of its original nest, which is too close to the eaves to look otherwise. So far, I've managed to keep the guys from using it to check their drain tile lines! Great clarity in the water and out. Wonderful ease of use and love the ability to download to my computer. Thank you for building this awesome camera!

Dawn Faught

Amenia, ND


Excellent camera

I used this camera for a research project to study the nighttime foraging behavior of cutthroat trout in streams. I could clearly see the trout up to 1 m away with the IR light. The daytime video resolution is even better. I would recommend this both for fishing and for research applications. My only complaint is that the menu is somewhat difficult to navigate with the very few buttons, but it looks like that might be resolved by buying the newer model.

Liz Perkin

Vancouver, BC


great little camera!!!

Took my aqua-vu micro plus with dvr out ice fishing for the first time yesterday. The camera is easy to use, light and small it isn't a pain to haul on the long walk to the fishing hole. Didn't do much recording as all i saw was my jig. The 2 inches of rain made the lakes a little murkey. I can't wait to get back on the ice and do some filming. The best part is it may be the size of a smartphone but the wife can't call you on it while your out fishing!


Whitewater, WI


Aqua Vu Micro

I have a scout model and dont use it very often. This christmas my wife bought me the Micro Plus. Took it out and love this camera. Much smaller and with better features. I can out fish the guys with flashers 10-1. I can "see" the bite and set hook before the other guys feel the bite. The motion activated feature is GREAT !! Great Product guys love it!!

Dan OBrien



want one for this ice fishing season.!!

I am going to buy a Micro Plus as soon as I get my hands on one. I live in a small town and no store sell them. I am very leary about getting it ordered online and shipped for the ammount they are, I wouldn't want it damaged like the aqua view I purchased last year. It was shipped in a box, but by the time I received it at my door the box turned into a sphere and rattled when I shook it.!!! Don't want that to happen again.. Any suggestions out there? If so email me at big-e_75@hotmail.com. Thank you.

Erron Couturier



As good as it gets!

This is hands down the best, most portable camera out there. I can put it in my pocket while looking for weeds or rocks, and hook it up to my 30" tv in my permanant house. Doesn't get more versatile than that!


Champlin, MN